Professor Guthridge’s journal of the uncanny.


The Waystone – A vigil at an old landmark ends in tragedy.

The tree on the hill – The Professor and Evelyn discover an ancient secret hidden underground.

Willam and Mary – Is there more to Mary’s new fiance than it seems?

The transition of Victor Torrence – An old friend of Professor Guthridge becomes obsessed with a strange blue crystal.

The crystal telescope – An American causes upset for Evie and the Professor.


Professor Arnold Guthridge, a genial academic and polymath who, in his late forties, has spent his life studying the arcane and the paranormal and is very keen on bringing modern technology into his work. Arnold was rather naïve in matters to do with the real world until his research brought Evelyn into his life. He owns a Webley .38 pistol and shoots regularly on the university firing range, he used to run with the Aidan Harriers in his youth and is still a senior member.


Miss Evelyn Hortensia Poole is an athletic woman in her mid-thirties who, as the youngest daughter of a diplomat has lived in all corners of the empire.She is quite ahead of the times even occasionally eschewing the wearing of corsets, shows scant respect for the ways of society including marriage and has a robust attitude towards matters carnal including the practise of tantric yoga. Evelyn is an excellent horsewoman, a proficient archer and also owns a Webley pistol. She often wears bicycling pantaloons or a riding outfit when accompanying Guthridge on investigations into the unknown.

evie in riding outfit