Sirki puzzled

A story from the alter-dimension


Sirki, who had made a rare visit to the family home in Soomi was waiting on the front step with her mother and Adi, Beorn’s partner. Her Uncle Bear had taken the luggage to his old Tiger and was bringing it round to drive her back to Jyvaskyla airdock.

It had been the usual home visit, Beorn and his partner Adi had been warm and welcoming with her mother, as usual, treating it like it was a chore but Sirki had managed to stay for two days without argument and considered this a minor victory.

She threw her arms lovingly around the dark skinned woman. “Moi-moi Adi it’s been lovely to see you again.”

“As it has for me Koo, don’t leave it so long next time lapsi” she replied, calling Sirki by her childhood pet name as she always did.

Sirki embraced her mother, who half-reluctantly returned the gesture. “Mami it’s been nice, we got on for once, didn’t we?”

“Yes we did Andra, it has been quite pleasant, you will come again soon?” asked Mia.

“I will. Now I’m making money with the band I can afford to come more often” her mother had, as usual, called by her hated first name.

Sirki got into the scrid and waved to the two women as Uncle Beorn drove her from the house, she was puzzled at having felt a strange buzzing in her abdomen when she embraced both her mother and Adi. It was a sort of resonation which was not unpleasant but was different for each of them, her uncle who was an Alpha and an ex-huscarl, also seemed to resonate but not in the same way, why have I never noticed it before?

“Well Mia, she is off back to Aengland, you can drop your guard now” remarked Adi sardonically.

“Sirkku is changing I could feel it!” said her mother.

‘”Of course she is, she’s twenty three and should have awoken to her abilities ten years ago” admonished Adi. “It’s your fault Mia, rejecting her and sending her away when she needed you most!”

“My mami encouraged me to use my powers and all it brought me was ridicule and bullying! I didn’t want that for Sirkku, what was I supposed to do?”

“You could have told Koo what she is, she will discover it eventually and then she’ll find out what you have kept hidden about yourself!” path’d Adi.

“We are none of us innocent in keeping the truth from my daughter are we Psi Okoye?” replied Mia telepathically. “I took you in when you fled here, remember?”

Adede threw up her arms in frustration and stomped off to the lodge where she lived with Beorn.

Mia, sighing, watched the Tiger as it turned a corner in the long lane before walking sadly into the house and telekinetically closing the door behind her.