A saga – a long story of heroic achievement, especially a medieval prose narrative in Old Norse or a long, involved story, account, or series of incidents often named for the principal character.


SIRKKUSAGA – Now a major paperback.


A fast paced adventure romance set in an alternate dimension with a saucy heroine and a heroic suitor.

Flamboyant lilac-eyed singer, Sirkku Vigsdottir, has a carefree lifestyle and a unique talent, bisexual and self-indulgent she has found fame as ‘Freya’ with her band Harvest and has become known as the ‘Nations Sweetheart’.

Her life changes dramatically when she agrees to perform at a frontier town on the eastern borders of the Reignweald and meets the introspective and self-doubting genetically engineered warrior Da N’tan.

As the truth of her ancestry begins to unfold, she finds herself in ever increasing danger.



A few excerpts from early drafts of my novel Sirrkusaga.


The prologue to a novel set in an alternate dimension.

The year was PC1752 and the sirens died to silence, everyone who had access to a shelter should have made it by now, if this didn’t work those who hadn’t would at least have the luxury of dying first and quickly.

“This is it, do we have confirmation?” asked Head Controller Weller.

“We have multiple launches on the trackers, I can’t believe they’re doing this!” gasped his assistant. “There are reports of a strike in West Hispania!”

“We have a confirmed detonation in the Russ!” exclaimed another.

“We cannot delay any longer, do we have the go-ahead?” Weller asked the comms operator.

“Yes Aeldor, we have just received an affirmative from the Foreladtwa’s office.” She replied.

“Then my colleagues this is it!” Weller announced and wanting no-one else to take the blame pressed the buttons himself. “A1 fired, N1 fired.” He stared at the screen. “We’ve either just saved everybody in the Reignweald or killed them.”

“If we hadn’t done this they would die anyway.” His assistant assured him. “The field in the bunker activated successfully after all.”

“They may be the only people left alive after this.” someone muttered.

“May the Gods help us all,” Weller announced glancing at the pistol on the table, his own quick way out if this didn’t work, could he use it if it came to it, above all would he have time?

High above the ground two specially constructed enclosures vaporised as high yield Q-bombs detonated within them, clouds of Q-matter hit the magnetic fields surrounding the blast sites and the reaction happened as planned or as hoped. An immense silver bubble formed around the Western Isles as its larger counterpart swallowed Northingland and inside two immense spheres of energy time stood still as the Reignweald went into stasis.


An Excerpt

Cassiopeia Gracchus was doing the accounts in her office at the rear of The Lazy Wurm when one of her girls came up with an anxious look on her face. “Is there a problem Livia?” she asked.

“There’s a huscarl downstairs!” Answered the girl, the Elite Guard were uncommon visitors to this type of establishment but were not unknown.

“So?” asked the madam.

“It’s a woman and she’s making the clients feel nervous!” exclaimed Livia.

Cassiopeia went quickly down to the public area to see a blonde with a pony tail sitting at one of the tables nursing a drink, she’d half expected to see the one they called Horsey stopping by on provost duty but it was the pretty one from the same legion. She was almost wearing a short pale blue dress and classical sandals with thongs that criss-crossed and tied below the knee but even dressed like this her bluer than blue eyes and corn coloured hair marked her out as novae, some young heremenn were looking nervously anywhere but at her and Cassi’s bully-boys were edgy, if they attempted to forcibly remove the woman she could wipe the floor with both of them.

Having recognised the nova Cassi sat down at the table before her. “Good evening Undercempa Anderson are you looking for an absentee?” Elite officers often came in with a couple of huscarls searching for soldiers who had forgotten to come back and usually carried the unfortunate away to recover from their overindulgence in the base cacaern, Anderson was by far the one of the prettiest women Cassi had ever known and seemed an unlikely huscarl, but during a particularly boisterous altercation she had witnessed the Undercempa lift a drunken heremann in each hand and knock them together. “I can assure you that there is no-one hiding here” was she undercover and trying to blend in?

“Na I’m just here to… um.” She appeared ill at ease.

“Are you looking for someone in particular, I could ask around the other establishments for you?” The bawdy houses maintained their own grapevine alerting each other to violent punters or a raid by the Ward, Cassi liked Anderson and was willing to do her a favour.

“Na I’m not on duty, do you cater for women here?” her awkward answer.

“Well, no we only really service men, the Raed Cockerel down the road has some lads working there, but I believe they only cater for men too.”

“I mean do you have women for other women?” she said almost in a whisper.

“Well that is a surprise, do you mean for you?”

“Ya, I need to find something out about myself and since I know you I thought you’d have someone… I need complete discretion of course.”

“Look Undercempa my girls are very…” likely to tell everyone in Slote, she looked at the young officer and wondered why this beautiful girl had to come to a horehus to find company. “Look Penni that is your name if I remember correctly, if you want complete discretion and since it’s you, if you want I’ll do it myself, special discount…”

Another excerpt

Book cover 6 (3)

Sirki woke next morning in crisp clean sheets, yawned, stretched then froze feeling the warm body next to hers as the awful realisation came that she was not alone. The events of the previous night came flooding back as she spotted Effie’s blonde coiffure on the adjoining pillow. Jumping out of bed Sirki began to dress hurriedly.

She had given in to her base nature while drunk as usual, I’m a polho how could I be so stupid?

“Leaving me already?” Effie had woken and sat up to throw back the covers displaying her supple body.

Sirki was pulling her dress on over her head. “This should not have happened Effie, I was drunk and didn’t know what I was doing.” Stupid, stupid!

“I was drunk too and you seemed to know exactly what you were doing dahling, come on we’re not exactly strangers are we?” replied her friend with a smile. “Just like old times.”

“Like old times?” a memory bodies entwined in pleasure surfaced making Sirki wish the floor would swallow her up. “I’m a stupid fucking cow!” Then realising Effie was resonating stronger than ever she looked at her friend’s face, one eye was pale blue the other was the colour of cornflowers.

“Your eyes!” Sirki cried in astonishment sitting heavily on the dressing table chair.

The Queen scrabbled around to find the missing lens under the pillow, a bit late now! Removing the remaining one she regarded Sirki with a striking new gaze. “Well dahling, I guess I owe you an explanation,