“John stood on the hilltop, in the stark cold of winter wistfully thinking of the times he came here with Evelyn, it hadn’t snowed yet but the sky showed every sign of its immediate arrival.  it was close to their home and they visited every weekend until her tragic death just six months ago. This was his first visit since then and in his head could see her running barefoot down the hillside in her flimsy summer dress only the day before it had happened. He didn’t blame the other driver, the police had explained that once her car started to slip on the spilled diesel there was no way she could have stopped from sliding into the oncoming lorry.

It was quick they had told him.

It was of small comfort to John, he had lost her forever.

The threatened snow began to fall he ought to return to his car this place, beautiful in summer was notorious in winter for snow drifts that could cut the county in half in a matter of hours. John was about to return to hiscaar when he spotted something out of the corner of his eye a familiar figure standing at the bottom of the hill, it looked like… Evelyn!

“John, come join with me.” said her voice in his head.

He wiped his glasses and looked again, sure enough it was her dressed in the flimsy summer dress he’d had remembered looking pale but beautiful as ever.


“It’s me John I’ve been waiting for you, come to me.”

In a trance he walked towards her and in spite of the biting cold and falling snow threw aside his padded coat as Evelyn held out her cold dead arms to embrace him.”

“…and cut!” said the director. “Okay, kill the snow machine…  Well done you guys we’ll wrap for the day.

“Fuck me it’s cold!” stated Natasha De Leone who was playing Evelyn. “This body suit isn’t much use under this bleeding nightie, why is it always the woman who has to stand around half dressed my poor feet are freezing?”

“Part and parcel of the job Tasha.” replied Bruce Nairn, aka John in his Canadian burr. “Just think of the money sweetheart.”

“Natasha darling, it clearly says in the script that Evelyn is barefoot. Just think yourself lucky, in the original rendition she was naked.”

Natasha snorted in derision. “No fucking way that would have  happened!”

“Come on loves, back to the dressing rooms.” the assistant director had appeared, the “rooms” of course being large trailers fitted out for the purpose.

“You know this place has a true beauty to it, sort of rugged and raw.” remarked Bruce as they ambled back. “It’s quite atmospheric.”

“And bloody cold! You know this piece of crap is based on a true story don’t you?” said Natasha brightly.

“Really, I didn’t know that?”

“Yep, only it was Edwardian times and the bloke was the one that died.” replied the actress. “The girl pined away and was found dead of exposure up here.”

“Wow, that’s amazing.”

“Yeah!” she sneered.

After having their makeup removed and now dressed in the own clothes the pair went gladly to the waiting taxi.

“I am having a double gin and tonic as soon as we get back to the hotel.”  Natasha stated. “And that’s just for starters.”

“Did anyone ever tell you that you drink too much?” he glanced at the landscape as the cab drove off it was truly magnificent… Bruce caught something in the corner of his eye and almost jumped in shock.

There briefly on the stark hillside he could swear he had seen a young couple dressed in old fashioned clothing waving to them, he looked again.

They had vanished,  it was just a trick of the failing light.

Wasn’t it?