An ideal world

“Well” announced Baphomet studying the probe’s footage. “This would seem to be the ideal place.” “Indeed sir!” agreed Asrael, the new world was perfect it had water and a breathable atmosphere. True there were a few things that needed tweeking but the terraforming teams would soon sought that out. “Then if it’s agreed by the […]

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Kalliste stood on the beach ruminating on the recent shipwreck, she had given the sailors a simple choice, they could either perish at the bottom of the sea or become her slaves for the rest of their lives. It hadn’t seemed such a hard decision to the Undine, why do humans make such a fuss? […]

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The End?

Death watched as the universe died to a tiny point of light, the other three riders had  long dissipated into entropy. After all what use were War, Famine and Pestililence when there was nothing left for them to affect? Death had one last duty which was to witness the end of days then she herself […]

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