🦇A Vampyr Story 🧛‍♀️

Sergeant Elisabeth Bathory, once known as the Blood Countess, is a vampyr policewoman protecting humans from being killed by her own kind. The trouble is, people are turning up dead and it’s clear vampyrs are to blame, can she solve the crime while keeping the peace and preventing the government from starting an all-out offensive […]

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Meeting of monsters

Another airing of an old post. The figure in the white mask entered the shadowy building and raised a bloodied carving knife at the sight of a similar shape wearing a hockey mask, and brandishing an axe. “Hey, you guy’s we’re not here to harm each other!” hissed wild-eyed Jack to the pair, who were […]

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With Hallowe’en fast approaching it seems a good idea to repost this old story. “Katie where are you?” asked Julie. She had only turned her back for a moment, this place is enormous, the perfect setting for my ghost story, she thought. Julie had confronted Sam after finding a very explicit message on his phone […]

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Three ripping yarns!

Do you like racy science fiction, boisterous vampires or Edwardian horror adventure? Then you’ll find of these to your taste. Available for Kindle on Amazon or paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the Book Depository. 😁👍  

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The tree on Saggoth Hill

A revamp of a previously posted tale with overtones of a certain HPL and featuring the characters Professor Guthridge and Miss Evelyn Poole.   The Journal of Professor Arnold Guthridge, St Aidan’s College Monday, May 14th 1900. There is a scrap of arcane writing hidden away in the bowels of a certain college (that I […]

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The girl had been walking home from school, detention again, when her neighbour stopped and asked if she wanted a lift home. He was a kindly man and got on well with her family so she got in his car without a qualm. He asked her why she was so late coming home and she […]

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Evie’s choice.

The Journal of Professor Arnold Guthridge, St Aidan’s College Friday, June 14th 1902. I received word that Professor Ulysses Bumstead, a renowned scholar from the University of Boston was in London to give a talk on metaphysics and my interest was piqued. My opinion of the man, who in all truth ran a small office […]

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Krantz sifted carefully through the box of broken pottery to find the pieces of the Shem, at the auction he’d paid a small fortune for the “Collection of damaged antiquities, origin; Middle East”. Reassembling the shards carefully with fresh slip he smiled to himself, the Rabbis had no idea of what he’d intended with their […]

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