Punkie Night

They’d wander round with spectral light, dressed with intent to cause a fright and did once call it Punkie night, You modern tricksters ready to receive, sweet treats upon All Hallows Eve, are pretenders so naive, erzatz witches with no spells to weave. Yet still they go from house to house and door to door […]

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The spectre roamed corridors in the deep dark of the night. No living being to scare with wail or knocking or some such fright. The house had stood empty for several years, the owners fleeing from their fears. Leaving building with all contents behind, for out of sight was out of mind. None would again […]

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Would a tunnel of light lead to heaven? It well might. Does the Tunnel of Love lead to such a thing? It well might. Will a tunnel of books lead to knowledge? Do you need to ask? Kyt

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Christmas when I were a lad!

  Christmas in Newcastle as a child, Where wind at Whitley Bay blew wild. A scary Santa, white buttons sewn on robe of red, not a nice image to take to bed. Wintry days, coal fires at full tilt, made sure of black dots in every snowman built. Jack Frost drew icy patterns on window […]

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The snowmen.

No-one knew from whence they came, or why indeed they looked the same. Three rolled balls of different size, immobile snowmen without mouth or eyes. The TV news showed on the screen, wintry figures stood where snow before had never been. Desert, jungle, swamp and parched plain, the shapes appeared and did remain. Impervious to […]

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