Fountain of youth.

  “So this is the spring of eternal youth?” asked the tourist incredulously, he had travelled many miles to see the wonder. It looked for or all the world like an old stone trough in the shade of the trees in a corner of the churchyard, which indeed was exactly what it was. “There’s no […]

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Greer stepped out of the hut, stretched and regarded the coming dawn, he’d left  Sobeth to sleep, the birds were already well into their morning chorus and he rejoiced as the sun brought its warmth to his face. “You’re up already?” said Sobeth standing at the door, her bump was huge now. “I was going […]

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For the Queen of Questions #3 2019

I’ve only done one these before so I thought I’d have another go. Today’s questions: What is your favorite chocolate dessert? – Baked fig with a chocolate brownie. Where do you go first in the grocery store? – Bread and pastries You win three minutes of free shopping in the grocery store with an empty […]

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The coming storm.

“Hey old man, how’s the big boat coming along?” “It’s nearly finished Jacet.” replied the septuagenarian. Jacet and his colleague stared at the massive construction for a while. “Why is he building a giant barge in the middle of nowhere?” asked the other man. “He’s gone mad, says a voice in his head told him […]

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A new Mackintosh University story. “Here we are!” announced the driver “Your ring of old rocks.” “Thank you Jenkin. The Exford Circle is more than, as you would say, a ring of old rocks!” stated Professor Armstrong. “This is going to be something we’re not likely to see again in our lifetimes.” “As you wish […]

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