As it’s that time of year again I’ve given this a reprise. All gathered on the hillside stared agog at the massive object; it was the colour of bronze, disc-shaped like a shield and hung silently in the sky defying belief. “‘Foolish mankind!”shouted the man on the cross, his voice seeming to roll like thunder […]

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So, you’re a hedonistic, somewhat self-centred bisexual rock singer and a recovering addict to boot. Why has everything suddenly changed? You agreed (were coerced) into performing a morale-boosting gig at a frontier town, you met a genetically engineered soldier who you did not get on with (at first). You argued. You had sex. Someone tried […]

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Bonebreakers Hoard.

Travis Wolfblood stepped into the corridor, Dragontooth his mighty sword, at the ready. Normally he would have never ventured by himself into Bonebreak Castle but having heard the tales of the immense treasure to be found there, Travis had selfishly decided to take it for himself, sharing it with no-one. *** He had fought past […]

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Three ripping yarns!

Do you like racy science fiction, boisterous vampires or Edwardian horror adventure? Then you’ll find of these to your taste. Available for Kindle on Amazon or paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the Book Depository. 😁👍  

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