Colonel Wendell strode along the battlement admiring the view over the lake, as an engineer he found the design of the fortification perfect almost perfect. Sergeant Goode emerged from one of the lower doors to signal to him that all was in order, the officer descended from the rampart and mounted his horse to lead […]

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Bonebreakers Hoard.

Travis Wolfblood stepped into the corridor, Dragontooth, his mighty sword at the ready. Normally he would have never ventured by himself into Bonebreak Castle but having heard the tales of the immense treasure to be found there, Travis selfishly decided to take it for himself, sharing it with no-one. *** He had fought past several […]

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Evie’s choice.

The Journal of Professor Arnold Guthridge, St Aidan’s College Friday, June 14th 1902. I received word that Professor Ulysses Bumstead, a renowned scholar from the University of Boston was in London to give a talk on metaphysics and my interest was piqued. My opinion of the man, who in all truth ran a small office […]

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Kalliste stood on the beach ruminating on the recent shipwreck, she had given the sailors a simple choice, they could either perish at the bottom of the sea or become her slaves for the rest of their lives. It hadn’t seemed such a hard decision to the Undine, why do humans make such a fuss? […]

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The transition of Victor Torrence

The Journal of Professor Arnold Guthridge, St Aidan’s College Thursday August 16th 1900. I have a tale to relate that affects me deeply as it concerns a dear colleague of mine, Victor Henry Torrence was an antiquarian of great enthusiasm and zeal with an income to match. I had first become acquainted with the man […]

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Fountain of youth.

  “So this is the spring of eternal youth?” asked the tourist incredulously, he had travelled many miles to see the wonder. It looked for or all the world like an old stone trough in the shade of the trees in a corner of the churchyard, which indeed was exactly what it was. “There’s no […]

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Decisions, decisions

Old Scratch stood at the junction on top of the hill wondering which way to go, the people in the last town he had stopped at had been only too pleased to see the back of the him. “Well that’s the way of a travelling tinkerers life.” he said to no-one in particular while setting […]

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Kieran sat on the narrow ledge looking at the water swirling below illuminated only by the dimming light of his torch. It was his own fault, the fisherman had warned him of the rapid change in the tide at this time of year but he had insisted on doing this. “I it’s too dark I […]

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The Rift.

A walker heard the noise first, a strange chittering coming from a thin cleft in the rock. Laying down he squinted into it but could see nothing, the sound was louder here echoing slightly and a foetid stench assaulted his nostrils. Thinking it a little strange the walker mentioned it to the Park ranger who, […]

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