An ideal world

“Well” announced Baphomet studying the probe’s footage. “This would seem to be the ideal place.” “Indeed sir!” agreed Asrael, the new world was perfect it had water and a breathable atmosphere. True there were a few things that needed tweeking but the terraforming teams would soon sought that out. “Then if it’s agreed by the […]

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The philosopher lay on his stomach staring into the pool and after watching the world mirrored in it’s shiny surface for several hours, wondered aloud. “Is this true reality displayed below, are we merely its reflection?” His followers, waiting patiently muttered amongst themselves, then one, braver than the rest, ventured. “But how can this be […]

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Looking out from within the shadows, the tiny being studied the landscape around the dolmen, so this was the Overworld? A land lost in memory, a world of clumsy giants. Sybon could see a group of them alighting from a strange boxy thing sat upon round black circles and flitting on gossamer wings, flew unseen […]

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Desdemona studied the conflagration on the horizon for a short while watching as the church spire fell into the fire below, it had belonged the pious town of Little Tolerance which was now aflame. “That’ll teach them for trying to burn me as a witch!” And with that thought, Desdemona mounted her broomstick to fly […]

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Photo challenge – Clarity

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” ventured the young woman. “It certainly is Sally,” replied the man. She gazed into a rockpool “Look at at the clarity of the water, you can see the tiny little creatures swimming around.” “Are you glad we came?” “Yes of course, Geoff, my darling,” replied Sally happily. They sat, arms around each […]

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Colonel Wendell strode along the battlement admiring the view over the lake, as an engineer he found the design of the fortification perfect almost perfect. Sergeant Goode emerged from one of the lower doors to signal to him that all was in order, the officer descended from the rampart and mounted his horse to lead […]

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Bonebreakers Hoard.

Travis Wolfblood stepped into the corridor, Dragontooth, his mighty sword at the ready. Normally he would have never ventured by himself into Bonebreak Castle but having heard the tales of the immense treasure to be found there, Travis selfishly decided to take it for himself, sharing it with no-one. *** He had fought past several […]

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Evie’s choice.

The Journal of Professor Arnold Guthridge, St Aidan’s College Friday, June 14th 1902. I received word that Professor Ulysses Bumstead, a renowned scholar from the University of Boston was in London to give a talk on metaphysics and my interest was piqued. My opinion of the man, who in all truth ran a small office […]

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Kalliste stood on the beach ruminating on the recent shipwreck, she had given the sailors a simple choice, they could either perish at the bottom of the sea or become her slaves for the rest of their lives. It hadn’t seemed such a hard decision to the Undine, why do humans make such a fuss? […]

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The transition of Victor Torrence

The Journal of Professor Arnold Guthridge, St Aidan’s College Thursday August 16th 1900. I have a tale to relate that affects me deeply as it concerns a dear colleague of mine, Victor Henry Torrence was an antiquarian of great enthusiasm and zeal with an income to match. I had first become acquainted with the man […]

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