The Bliss Bay stories.


The planet Osiris, orbiting the main sequence star Re, has two moons, bright shining Isis and darker Thoth.

The world has only two continents, the somewhat unimaginatively named Fuller’s Land on one side of the globe and the even less imaginatively named Farland on the opposite.

Fuller’s Land, being the more temperate, was settled immediately by colonists eager to build a new life away from the tired earth-worlds but arid Farland remains unihabited to this day.

Bliss Bay, is the largest of the many colonised islands that surround Fuller’s Land and is geographically close to the capital city of Akaba, on the continent proper. Bliss Bay is home to the Glenrock Fishing Company as well as many independent shoat herders, supplying vital protein to systems within the Solar Federation.

The stories begin ten years after a war between the Solar Federation and the Melian Coshek (Republic).

The body in the water – After a body is discovered off the coast of Bliss Bay the island’s police chief finds himself saddled with assistance he does not want.

Return to Bliss Bay – Alu Viko comes back with bad news for Sam while Toki has her own surprise for the alien.

Kista – Alu’s mother visits Toki while on a mission to Farland causing a dilemma for Sam before becoming involved in a major revelation for both Earth and Melia.


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