Tales from an alternate Dark-Age.


Tales of valour and romance from the Dark Ages of the Sirkkusaga world, follow the adventures of Leofric Da N’tan, Mim O Dyffryn Gwyrdd and Kukka Teijontytär.

Interpreting a vision – Leofric Da N’tan, son of the Thegn of Scartho sets out to rescue King Ailef’s daughter.

A matter of honour – Da N’tan is forced to answer a challenge.

Kukka’s tale – While fighting in Soomi the Son of Scartho encounters a woman called Flower.

Caged – Leofric and Saewine are imprisoned by Botha of Wolfdene and Mim’s secret is revealed.

Under siege – Da N’tan and the mighty warrior woman Wassa the Scar hold the Fort at Danum against the forces of Jorvik.

The Lady of Soomi – Kukka the Flower has rebelled against the D’an.

Four Thegns and a funeral – Two queens, but only one can rule.