Tales from the world of Sirkkusaga.

Complimentary stories set in the alternate universe of the novel, Sirkkusaga.


Isoldesaga – A clone’s progress.

A yuletide tale – Isolde’s daughter comes home.

Cacaern – Sirki Vigsdottir, the great-grandaughter of Isolde, is in trouble.

Ansel bewildered – A cynical music critic goes to see a band with a uniquely talented singer.

Hostage – The brother-in-law of the Queen has been kidnapped and the Psi Wing must find him.

Sirki is puzzled – Sirkku Vigdsdottir has been visiting her mother, a task she does not enjoy.

The Awful Truth – Queen Effie is presented with news she doesn’t want people to know.

Fallen – Sirki battles with addiction.

A candid shot – Poolside pictures of Sirki have caused a stir.

Figures on the landscape – While on an exercise a group of huscarls have a strange encounter.

Da N’tan’s honeymoon – Sirki goes on a mission with her huscarl husband.

The Blue Tendril – Pandora Minto is sent to investigate a strange anomaly.

Home for Yuletide – When Sirki visits her family home with her girlfriend in tow her mother is not impressed.

⭐Latest addition⭐  The Fordyce Saga – A Psi finds herself stranded in another dimension.