My Shorts – Kyt writes.

A mixed up collection of weird and wonderful tales.


Roll up, roll up! – An offer too good to refuse?

Reaching the horizon – Volte and Shuala finally achieve their goal.

Dominant lifeform – Ptoosh brings a representative from a primitive world to meet his superior.

Conveyor belt – An unusual item is found in a catalogue store.

Astonish – Sometimes a desire to clean up the streets may have unforeseen circumstances.

Better late than never – Tod enjoys a day out; to the displeasure of his colleagues

A new beginning – The end isn’t nigh, it’s already been and gone.

The stone – It has stood there for centuries.

A complex god – A deity opens up to his psychiatrist.

Have the aliens landed yet? – Charlie has a warning for Linda, will she listen?

That door wasn’t there before! – An old door propped against a wall should not open.

A meeting of monsters – Foul fiends gather together.

AJ and the baby – A robot must deliver it’s precious package to safety.

Irreverently Lovecraft – Shhh! Cthulu is sleeping.

Devilskull – Just a nice walk on the moors…

Gloriana Resplendent – Good Queen Bess, loved by the people.

Calm – A young couple enjoy some down time.

Ghost – A poem written for Halloween.

Coming home – A warriors return.

The tree on Shoggoth Hill – A Professor Guthridge story – The academic spots something in an old manuscript that leads to an incredible discovery.

Stark landscape – A man meets his dead love.

Annie – Having left her unfaithful husband Julie eagerly accepts an offer to house-sit for her mother’s eccentric friend.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible – Creation is on the blink.

Lincoln Impishness – A tale inspired by a visit to my home county’s cathedral.

Decisions, decisions – Old Scratch the tinker doesn’t know which road to take.

Motel – A new twist on an old tale.

Inge – A beautiful young woman sits waiting on the town hall steps.

A virtual affair – VR Warrior Caradog and Elf Noola decide to reveal their true identities.

Burn – A young girl is offered a lift home by her neighbour.

Snowfall? – two couples on a weekend away are surprised by the strange weather.