Fibbing Saturday😮

  Alright so it’s not friday but here’s a few non-truths. Why is April Fools Day on April 1st? It was originally on April 2nd, it was the first April Fool’s prank but it sort of stuck. According to the old adage, exactly what do April showers bring? Water, duh? What is a Haiku? An […]

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As it’s that time of year again I’ve given this a reprise. All gathered on the hillside stared agog at the massive object; it was the colour of bronze, disc-shaped like a shield and hung silently in the sky defying belief. “‘Foolish mankind!”shouted the man on the cross, his voice seeming to roll like thunder […]

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So, you’re a hedonistic, somewhat self-centred bisexual rock singer and a recovering addict to boot. Why has everything suddenly changed? You agreed (were coerced) into performing a morale-boosting gig at a frontier town, you met a genetically engineered soldier who you did not get on with (at first). You argued. You had sex. Someone tried […]

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🦇A Vampyr Story 🧛‍♀️

Sergeant Elisabeth Bathory, once known as the Blood Countess, is a vampyr policewoman protecting humans from being killed by her own kind. The trouble is, people are turning up dead and it’s clear vampyrs are to blame, can she solve the crime while keeping the peace and preventing the government from starting an all-out offensive […]

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😄’Tis fibbing friday! 😮

    1. What is a huskador? A matador with laryngitis. 2. What is a cavapoo? Fred Flinstone’s toilet. 3. What is a chorkie? What a Yorkshire person uses to write on a blackboardy. 4. What is a lollie? An extemely cold Collie 5. What is a dorkie? Something you open doors with, duh! 6. […]

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Pushing the brand!

A new book from my BLKDOG friends broached the literary horizon recently and since a certain Kyt Wright is among the the cornucopia of talent therein, I thought it only right to give it mention. If you like your humour dark and your history alternate then this is for you… The War is over, Britain […]

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