Sirkkusaga; looking for a publisher

A saga – a long story of heroic achievement, especially a medieval prose narrative in Old Norse or a long, involved story, account, or series of incidents often named for the principal character.

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Back to the sea.

The last reblog and more adventurous tale for the mermaid Felicity “Fliiik” Treymayne. Chapter One   The two lifeguards watched the shapely redhead in the red costume walk to the pool’s edge. “She’s a right beauty that one?” remarked the first. “Swims like a fish too, but you’d be wasting your time there mate.” replied […]

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  “Lovely sunset.” observed Tracy. “First sunset of our new lives.” said Dave. “We should move on to the habitat.” “I want to stay here for a while.” “Fair enough.” The couple watched the sun disappear and then marvelled as they saw the stars come out for the first time. “Hello.” came a voice and […]

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Joan of Leeds.

Sister Agnes led the nuns into the small infirmary chapel to place the simple bier in front of the altar. Agnes stood in quiet contemplation while the others filed quietly out crossing themselves before the recumbent body as they did so. One, who was a postulant, quickly lifted the winding cloth to peer curiously at […]

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The fifth edited and reblogged tale set in a fictional Newquay. Exiled – A tail in four short chapters. Chapter One Andrea Locke woke up confused, she was lying on the tide line with water washing over the lower half of her body and even in her befuddled state knew something was wrong. As the […]

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The fourth in a series of re-edited blogs featuring the  Tremayne siblings. “Have you seen this?” asked Sergeant Nance waving the Cornish Gazette in Jacko’s face. “No give it here.” He took the newspaper and read the headline. “Oh bollocks!” he exclaimed. “Yeah, sums it up pretty well.” She replied. The front page showed a […]

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Doest thou have a Dragon to slay  or perhaps a single handed battle against a dozen orcs? Why does thou not journey to Swords’B Us And be truly astounded by our divers assortment of blades. We also have a fine range of daggers and poinards available “Whether you wish to impress the King or win […]