Sirkkusaga; looking for a publisher

A saga – a long story of heroic achievement, especially a medieval prose narrative in Old Norse or a long, involved story, account, or series of incidents often named for the principal character.

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Some Sunday Story Silliness.

Dora-3, looked at her handiwork. The Eastwitch lay dead, crushed beneath the house that had been dropped on her,  sparks flickered briefly under the wreckage of the building as fuel cells discharged then the inhabitants of the small town rushed from their hiding places to thank the mysterious strangers who had liberated them. T0T-0 growled […]

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It’s Fibbing Friday.

It’s Fibbing Friday time again! Yippee! Put those fibbing caps on and see what great big whoppers you can spin to answer these questions:   What was the “clue” in Clue? – The location of the Colonel’s Secret Recipe. 🐔 What did Harry Potter really do in the Chamber of Secrets? – Smoke and read […]

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Colonel Wendell strode along the battlement admiring the view over the lake, as an engineer he found the design of the fortification perfect almost perfect. Sergeant Goode emerged from one of the lower doors to signal to him that all was in order, the officer descended from the rampart and mounted his horse to lead […]

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  CR and Pooh stood on the high arched bridge that spanned the river. Pooh threw a stick into the racing stream both and both crossed excitedly to see the stick had now become a large inflatable sheep. “See?” announced CR triumphantly. “I told you it was a portal to another dimension, that’s a tenner […]

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Word of the day – Bucolic

Thale sat back in his lounger and took in the bucolic scene, the zangs were chewing on the bright red mire-grass while the norbs ullulated as they flew across the sky, it was perfect. He put on a quad of dark glasses to shield his four eyes from the purple glare and read the headline […]

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3TC – Tailing the mark.

Davis sat in the cafe watching his mark while they had a mid-morning snack. She had a latte and a croissant, he took note of it over his copy of the Times. When he had been recruited by MI5 he knew it wouldn’t be anything like the films and found it almost ludicrous at times. […]

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A Virtual Affair.

Keith zipped himself into the tight-fitting haptic suit, placed the mask on his face and activated the VR unit, almost immediately he was transported to Zithia, one of the virtual worlds available on the Real-U network. Setting off from the Red Wyvern tavern in search of adventure, he waved in greeting to some of his […]

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Bonebreakers Hoard.

Travis Wolfblood stepped into the corridor, Dragontooth, his mighty sword at the ready. Normally he would have never ventured by himself into Bonebreak Castle but having heard the tales of the immense treasure to be found there, Travis selfishly decided to take it for himself, sharing it with no-one. *** He had fought past several […]

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