🦇 Vote for Beth! 🦇

🧛‍♀️ Incredible as it seems, Love Bites is actually in the quarter-finals of BLKDOG’s Book of the Year poll! 🧛‍♀️ Apparently it’s quite close but if you wanted to vote for the lusty vampire’s book then you could worse than go to their twitter page and follow the thread then vote for LOVE BITES in […]

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A little sketch from days gone by.

About a hundred years ago (or so it seems) I developed a passion for the Dark Ages after watching Michael Wood’s excellent series on the subject. I wrote things in runes, drew pictures and even tried to decipher inscriptions on the Frank’s Casket. Small wonder that when I got around to writing my magnum opus […]

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The Sirkku-sequel is coming!

I’m proud (and somewhat excited 😁) to announce that I have just signed the contract for the release of SIRKI’S CHILDREN, the exciting sequel to SIRKKUSAGA which sees the return of the unconventional heroine in her latest racy adventure along with her family and a host of new and old characters. Kyt 2020    

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Ding Dong Bluebell

Dalton picked up the tiny creature and held it in the palm of his hand. “It can’t be, it’s not possible.” Dalton had picked his daughter up from school and was driving along the tree lined road when it had flown straight into the car. “Oh, but it is, daddy!” answered Leela, his daughter. “You’ve […]

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Coronavirus Charlatans

I very seldom have a rant but I am writing this post with a certain amount of annoyance. Local shops in and around Leicester are profiteering by charging extortionate amounts for items such as hand sanitiser at £10 & £20 dependant on size. Yesterday my wife complained of one such pirate and the amount of […]

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