The Mackintosh University of the Arcane.


A collection of light hearted tales from the thaumaturgical college.

The Inkling – Derek Scuttle wants to impress Gwennie.

Conjure – Derek must learn to concentrate.

A stitch in time – What’s going on in the bell tower?

No Homunculus? – Trevor has a plan to get Esther sky-clad.

Pyewacket (3)

The Unicorn and the Maiden – Mackintosh University takes delivery of a fabulous beast, but how do you control it?

Oh Mummy! – Dr John Dee and Professor Bombastus try to resurrect an ancient Egyptian priest.

Neither undead nor alive – The former pharoah Hattie Shepshut has a problem and Gwennie is out on the town with friends.

Derek Scuttle and the Wheel of Time – The student gets himself in a pickle in the past, it’s a good job Miss Shepsut is about.

Solstice – Yelena Blavatsky leads a field trip to Exford Circle.

Pyewacket a (3)

Faerie – Professor Armstrong and the class are entranced, who can save them?